About us.

F.lli Severgnini mechanical workshop has, since 1954, been a protagonist of the metalworking sector for third parties. From generation to generation, the company has developed specific technical skills which, combined with constant technological innovation, has enabled it to have, as clients, some of the world's most important agricultural machinery manufacturers.

Precision, flexibility, assistance.

Starting from customers’ designs or projects, the production department carries out the required operations such as turning, broaching, milling and drilling, final inspection with 3D Dea Cnc measuring machines, for the realization of small and large series, providing, when required, surface heat treatment, high-frequency tempering, galvanic treatment and painting through a network of tested suppliers. Thanks to a tried and tested organization, combined with technical expertise, we guarantee compliance with delivery times, providing advice during sampling, to optimize the items when necessary.


Client satisfaction is the primary goal of F.lli Severgnini S.r.l.

Work quality is guaranteed by certified in-house process control.

Controls are carried out independently by each operator, both using appropriate measuring instruments on board the machine, and through the use of three-dimensional inspection machines in a dedicated room.

ISO quality certificate
Quality policy